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Buildex Vancouver

Buildex Vancouver is now going on from February 12 to 13, 2020. Western Canada’s largest forum connecting the holistic building industry, uniting tradition and innovation to shape the spaces of tomorrow. Visit Foreseeson Technology, Inc. at booth #1543.

Address: Vancouver Convention Centre West


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Be Strong WuHan

As you know well, there are a lot of places suffering from the CoronaVirus.

Especially at the Hubei / Wuhan areas, so many people got affected and died. Really Sad, and Really heart breaking situation. People could not get proper treatment and people could not get enough foods, they are in scary uncertainty.

I feel more critical issue we are facing is Separation / Isolation / Rejection are all over. It is very understandable because of the scary situation of CoronaVirus.

Let’s keep one in our mind. We are all same in one world. They are our sister, brothers and friends, global family. Let’s support them whatever we can.

WE CAN WIN. CoronaVirus will be killed soon. Be Strong WuHan people..


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Gas car scrappage program launches in Ontario, offering $2,000 towards purchase of used EV

Through Plug’n Drive, drivers can now receive $1,000 to ditch their gasoline car, in addition to another $1,000 towards the purchase of a used EV

Plug’n Drive, a Toronto-based non-profit, has announced a new initiative offering Ontario drivers looking to go electric $1,000 to have their gas vehicles scrapped and recycled. The program is offered in tandem with Plug’n Drive’s Used Electric Vehicles Incentive, announced last year, which offers an additional $1,000 towards the purchase of a used electric vehicle.

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Richmond improves access to EV charging stations

⚡️Use it then move it. Richmond City Council approved bylaws last night (Mon, Jan 13) aimed at improving access to City-owned electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by introducing hourly charging fees that will come into affect on Sun, Mar 1, 2020.

⏳By applying hourly fees, users are encouraged to charge their vehicle and then move it to make room for other users. The fees were calculated on a cost recovery basis.

⏳Users will pay only for the time they are actually plugged in on a minute-by-minute basis.

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