Foreseeson Technology Inc. Has Partnered with eTRUCKLSV

Foreseeson Technology Inc. Has Partnered with eTRUCKLSV, to Provide Canadians Electric Vehicle Truck for Clean Canada


Foreseeson Becomes Zero Emission Vehicle Provider


Foreseeson Technology Inc.(Foreseeson), one of the top 100 manufacturers and Businesses in Metro Vancouver, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with eTRUCKLSV to distribute eTRUCK products to Canada, but not only distribution but also Warranty and Repair Services and even potentially assembly eTRUCKLSV in Canada.

The Government of Canada has set ambitious federal targets of zero-emission vehicle (ZEVs) sales. Through this strategic partnership, Foreseeson and eTRUCKLSV bring together their expertise, the infrastructure in the ZEVs field to support the Government’s plan, and the ability to provide 100% electric light-duty trucks to businesses and institutions across Canada. Both companies are helping the communities to embrace the future of greener technology and contribute to making a better world by offering environmentally-friendly commercial vehicles.

eTRUCKLSV is a revolutionary, 100% electric light-duty truck that also comes with onboard solar panels for supplemental charging when used outdoors. It is designed for a broad range of industries. eTRUCKLSV is a perfect solution for any business, university, government agency, golf course, manufacturing plant, condominium, sports complex, and any other business that wants to build a green fleet of trucks.

Again Foreseeson is very pleased to announce this partnership with eTRUCKLSV and has a chance to provide a comprehensive solution to Canadians.

eTRUCKLSV is a Sarasota, Florida-based organization, dedicated to the design, build, marketing & sales of electric low-speed vehicles that communities, organizations, and individuals can embrace.
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About Foreseeson Technology Inc.
Foreseeson Technology Inc. is a British Columbia, Canada-based organization since 2001; award-winning technology innovator in Richmond, B.C., providing services in manufacturing, distribution, EVSE as well as battery storage solutions.
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Strategic Partnership: GLD and Black Top & Checker Cabs

Strategic Partnership:

Great Foreseeson Local Delivery and Black Top & Checker Cabs, a taxi company aim to expand its delivery driver network in the Greater Vancouver Area

Creates a huge delivery network within a city


Great Foreseeson Local Delivery(GLD), the leading on demand courier service mobile application platform, is excited to announce it has partnered with Black Top & Checker Cabs, a taxi company to expand its delivery driver network in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Through this strategic partnership, GLD and Black Top & Checker Cabs will bring together its resources and technology to expand their networks to provide businesses in the Greater Vancouver with more drivers on the road; to provide affordable same day delivery services for anything and any time.

With this partnership, GLD could serve the Clients in great Vancouver areas in timely manner with numerable certified and professional drivers. Also Black Top & Checker Cabs could fully utilize their drivers’ time for additional businesses.


Note to editors:

About Black Top & Checker Cabs:

Black Top & Checker Cabs has been operating in the City of Vancouver and serving communities for over 80 years in the local taxi industry. The company has the second largest fleet in the city, 200+ units available for hire. Furthermore, Black Top has wheelchair accessible vans consistently on the road to accommodate specific needs. Black Top Checker Cabs offers airport taxi service, pickup & delivery courier service, jump starts and predated taxi orders as well. Plus, Black Top Checker Cabs Company Ltd. of Vancouver is an owner-operated company serving the residents, tourists and business professionals in The City of Vancouver and surrounding area. Learn more at


About Great Foreseeson Local Delivery:

Great Foreseeson Local Delivery is a Vancouver, British Columbia based company that developed a platform focusing on connecting and providing businesses with on-demand courier services. Great Local Delivery is founded by Foreseeson Technology Inc. who is an award-winning technology innovator in Richmond that has been providing services that include IT security distribution, electronic manufacturing and battery storage solutions Since 2001.
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GLD Launches Fast & Reliable Delivery Service across Vancouver with an App

                                                      Great Local Delivery


Great Local Delivery launches fast

& reliable delivery service for local businesses and

individuals across Vancouver with an app

Local Delivery Service creates a new delivery platform in Vancouver


Great Local Delivery (GLD) launches fast and reliable delivery service for local merchants and customers in Vancouver with a web-based and mobile app. The new, free GLD app streamlines the process of local deliveries, enabling local businesses and individuals to easily offer same-day deliveries within the Greater Vancouver area. GLD provides efficient shipments, handling of the entire delivery process.



The GLD mobile app for the iPhone and Android is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Local merchants, retail stores and customers can also register through our website.



GLD’s advanced logistic system allows us to greatly reduce GLD’s expenses during shipments, and we provide that value back to GLD’s customers.

*Simple pricing with no hidden fees:

GLD’s smart calculator solely bases shipment rate on item type, package size, distance and time.



Each shipment will have a corresponding QR code to track the status of the shipment where it can be monitor through our platform. Our GLD drivers are also trained to handle your package with utmost care and will be required to provide an image of the package at the time of pick up and confirmation of the delivery.


Simple and easy

GLD’s easily navigable platform for both the mobile app and website allows users to have their order processed within a few minutes. With GLD’s simple UI interface, anyone will be able to use GLD’s services.



GLD’s service is available in Greater Vancouver Area. We allow users to ship whatever they wish with the exception that the item(s) is not illegal, unsafe and unethical.

How to Ship

  1. First visit GLD website ( or download the mobile app ’GLD shipper’.
  2. Provide the basic item details such as weight, package size, pickup and drop off location and required pick up time. GLD’s smart calculator will automatically calculate a rate base on the provided information.
  3. Make the payment to confirm the shipment.
  4. A GLD driver will arrive at your requested place and time to pick up your item.
  5. You could track the status your item in real-time, and receive notifications once your shipment is completed.


About GLD

GLD is a delivery company that focuses on providing fast, reliable and affordable delivery services to individuals and businesses across Greater Vancouver. Founded by Foreseeson Technology Inc. who has provided online software solutions for business partners in the last decade, now provides a solution for the local delivery industry for their partners. This solution platform is cost-effective, efficient and convenient for shippers, receivers and drivers. The Great Local Delivery platform should help to increase the business for all partners instead of burdening them with high fees. Please visit for more information.

Foreseeson Technology’s vision in the Great Local Delivery is to help business partners and users by providing efficient and affordable delivery services. We will be continuously developing the platform to have any deliverable items be able to be transported at any time to anywhere.

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