Top 100 Tech Companies in B.C. 2021 Foreseeson Technology Inc.


We are pleased to announce that Foreseeson Technology Inc. has been ranked on Business In BC’s Top 100 Tech Companies for 2021. In addition, we are working towards more accomplishments in the remaining and next year.

Foreseeson’s vision is to continuously push the boundaries in total solution electronic manufacturing, cutting-edge IT security product distribution, helping communities to embrace the future of greener technology and make a better world by offering more environment-friendly technology products.

Foreseeson today is a multifaceted, award-winning technology innovator in Richmond, BC, has over 20 years of experience with continuous growth through innovation and assiduous talent. As we look to the future and beyond, we will continue to be a total technology solution provider.

We would like to say “Thank You” to our employees, customers and partners. Thank you for supporting us to grow the company and having a positive impact in our community.

Having set our movement high, and expanding facilities with 2.1 acres land and a 40,000 sq.ft office and factory, Foreseeson is looking forward to amplifying our growth as a leader in the B.C. tech industry.

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2021 Foreseeson Technology Inc. Business Expansion

 Foreseeson Technology Inc.- Recipient of the Large Business of the Year Award for 2020 and one of the top 100 manufacturers in 2021 will be moving to a new office in Richmond, Vancouver.

Foreseeson Technology Inc. will have new manufacturing, distribution, and office building in Richmond, Canada.

This building will be our companies’ long-term HQ for us to grow our businesses and follow through with future expansion plans.

With the 2.1-acre site at 4460 Jacombs Road and an area with a total floor area of 40,000 SF, We will be ready to expand our business around the end of June or early July 2021. The user-friendly and environmental location is surrounded by numerous amenities such as a fully equipped Community Centre, the King George Cambie Community Park that spans over 30 acres with multiple sports fields, walking trails, a water park, and it is also very close to the Highway 91 & 99.

We will be adding a world-class manufacturing and office space, and we can provide our services with a higher level of ability and efficient operation. As a result, we can increase our competitiveness for our customers and partners and can make our customers and partners more competitive for their market.

Thank you very much for your great support again, and we look forward to supporting you continuously at our new location.

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