Foreseeson Technology Inc. passes ISO 9001 and 14001 Re-certification Audits

Foreseeson Technology Inc. is pleased to announce that we have passed our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 re-certification audits. This provides several benefits for both the customer and Foreseeson as we accomplish our Quality Objectives.

This recertification validates the points below:

Customer requirements are being met. Ensuring that Foreseeson is performing at a high quality standard is one of the biggest advantages of an ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. We, at Foreseeson, embrace the concept of quality through continual improvement. We are committed to not only maintaining ISO standards, but also exceeding them.

Foreseeson is continually improving. This isn’t the first time we have passed an ISO quality audit. Foreseeson has been ISO 9001 and 14001 certified since October 2004. Our staff uses internal audits, customer evaluations, ISO agency audits and internal processes to solicit and act upon suggested improvements. Foreseeson is dedicated to providing enhanced quality and customer experience for years to come.

ISO certification ensures quality not only for the customer, but for the employee as well. Having a solid quality management system provides our employees with training and clear expectations concerning quality requirements and job descriptions. It provides the tools necessary for the job through work instructions and procedures, while process metrics indicate that all employees receive prompt and useful feedback. This result is a productive workforce focused on quality and the customer.

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New 3D Automatic Optical Inspection System (AOI)
3D AOI Machine

New 3D Automatic Optical Inspection System (AOI)

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, Foreseeson Technology is proud to announce the purchasing of a state-of-the-art 3D AOI machine.

This new AOI applies 8-way projection for 3D measurements to all models, minimizing shadow effects, errors and performing 100% 2D&3D examinations simultaneously in all FOV areas.
This equipment provides near-perfect detection while significantly reducing false call.

▶ 8-Way Projection + 3-stage Lighting
▶ Scan 2D, 3D Algorithms Simultaneously
▶ Increased precision and detection using Telecentric Lens.
▶ Easy-to-use UI and convenient programming
▶ Built-in libraries and library management features
▶ Minimize debugging time
▶ Offline real-time debugging

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New Conformal Coating Machine + Services

Foreseeson Technology is proud to announce its addition of a state-of-the art Selective Conformal Coating machine. Clients will now have the option to further protect circuit boards that may be exposed to salt, moisture, chemicals, and temperature changes. Conformal Coating also helps protect boards from corroding and reduce formation of whiskers. Additional details include:

  • X, Y, and Z triaxial movement, the machine frame supports full sheet metal bending.
  • Very fast and precise spraying.
  • Very flexible programming to suit virtually every desired coating need / requirement.
  • Fully enclosed structure.
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New SMT Manufacturing Line

Foreseeson Technology has added a fifth SMT line and is now able to manufacture PCBs up to 1,500 x 460 mm. Details of the new SMT line include:

  • Printing accuracy: ±2.5 microns @ 6 sigma
  • Cycletime:14secs
  • PCBSize:50×50~650x510mm(25”x20”).
  • Substrate thickness: 0.012” ~0.2”. Plate needed for thin PCBs
  • Adjustable stencil sizes: 25×21, 29×29, 31×31, frameless type
  • Inspection After Print capability: can detect insufficient, bridging, stencil clogging
  • Dry/wet cleaning capability
  • Uses Grid/quick lock support for board support
  • Parameters controlled by product and validated during pilot run


  • High speed chip placement/multifunction platform
  • Placement accuracy: 40 microns/chip, 30 microns/QFP
  • Chip 40,000 CPH optimum
  • Max PCB size (LxW): 1,500 x 460 (60” x 18”)
  • 10 spindle single overhead gantry, megapixel full vision alignment
  • Feeder capacity/machine: 120 slot feeders
  • Handle 01005chipto0.65”, 0402 metric to 16 mm. PoP compatible

With this highly advanced brand new SMT line, Foreseson can potentially produce over 200,000 CPH.

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