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EV Chargers

ChargePoint Home Flex

Flexible Amperage Home Charger (Up to 50 Amps)

  • Fast
  • Flexible and Future-Proof
  • Compatible with Every EV
  • Smart and Connected
  • Safe, Reliable and Efficient
  • Thoughtfully Designed

Level 2 Home Chargers

Charging Station in Your Garage

Level 2 Charger offers 6x the charging speed compared to traditional chargers. This means you can fully charge most of all the electric vehicles in four hours. Our selection of EV Home Chargers will be suitable for all garages. Click below to get your hands on your charger.


Rugged Commercial Chargers for Businesses, Municipalities and Property Owners

An innovative design capable of delivering up to 40RPH (kilometres of Range Per Hour) allowing to charge most Electric Vehicles (EV) in less than four hours. The CT4000 is a great addition to businesses, municipalities and property owners who want the option of EV charging for their employees, customers, residents and fleets.

SuperCharge your Electric Vehicle

Get 400 Kilometers of Range in an Hour


As the demand for Electric Vehicles increases, more and more charging stations will become congested. With the Express DC Fast Chargers, drivers can get up to 400 kilometres of range in a single hour.

CPF25 Family

One For All Application

Privatize your EV charger by assigning or restricting certain users. With the CPF25 chargers, it is designed for fleet and multi-family applications, ideal for the depot and personal charging in an assigned parking spot.

Installation Services

Foreseeson Technology has a team of licensed and bonded electrical contractors certified for the installation of our commercial and residential EV chargers. Not only are we certified to install ChargePoint Chargers, but we also have the knowledge and skills to carry installations for all Level 1, Level 2 and DC Fast charge stations.  If you are interested in having Foreseeson to manage your installation, we will provide you with quotes from our electrical and general contractors and a Foreseeson representative will carry out the installation at your facility.

Contact Our EVSE Consultant

Whether you need inquiry on Home, Commercial or Express Chargers, we can answer it for you.

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