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Energy Storage Solution

Scalable. Flexible. Configurable.

Our Energy Storage Solution makes it easy to integrate into any electrical system for the residential, commercial and industrial application. Whether you need one or more, our solution allows you to expand and scale down when needed.

Core Power

Deep cycle Lithium Ferro Phosphate comes in varying storage capacity and power output, perfect for your home, business and event to a hybrid or off-grid needs. Backed with 10 years of warranty, these battery cells are capable to withstand all type of conditions.

Fully Integrated Solution

Stay worry-free the next time the storm hits. With the fully integrated solution, it automatically disconnects from the grid during power outages and provides standby power for critical circuits.

Expeditionary Power

Power to go. The Expeditionary Power group is designed for remote situation where immediate access to off-grid AC power is critical. Perfect for lights, chargers, computers, aquarium. With a 5V USB port, this would be perfect for the next big fishing trip


We specialize in Solar Panel Installation. This will help maximize your power generated while reducing the cost of your utility bill

Wind Energy

Harness the power of wind energy. Capable to be fully integrated into any hybrid or off-grid system to provide additional power for your need.

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