ZAPBC: Providing 1,100$ Towards your Complete EV Home Charging Needs

Beginning August 15th 2018, Foreseeson will be partnering with ZAPBC to provide you with 1,100$ towards the purchase and installation of your ChargePoint Home EV Charger.

Are you eligible for this program? See here to find out.
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  1. I understand the equipment is free, but there is a charge for installation.
    Also, estimates for installation are not provided prior to signing up for the program. Can you give a ballpark estimate as to what the installation might cost as I really have no idea

    More than $1000
    Around a $1000
    Less than a $1000

    Live in a townhouse with a clothes dryer and stove on 240v
    Hot water heater is gas


  2. I’m not sure I see the benefit. Anyone with a tesla already has a charge cord. All you need is to install a 50A stove outlet and breaker in your garage next to the power panel. Pretty easy.
    So you get a “free” charger that data mines you daily. What happens if internet/wifi drops out – can’t get a charge? Um… no thanks.
    The charger “is free” from the data mining. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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